Location buses for basecamp

Our location buses are specially designed and equipped for film productions. All of them are unique, which means you always get the most suitable loation vehicle for your needs. When this is said, all the buses contains a kitchen, space for crew and cast to have lunch, a toilet and of course an office with working stations for the production unit. The buses come with a bus driver that stays the whole day to help out and around the bus.

Location Bus 1

Our longest bus that has everything combined in one vehicle

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Location Bus 2


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Location bus 3

Bus 3-1-web
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Location bus 4

Double-decker with big office space, vip lounge and 40 seats Bus 4-1-web

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Location bus 5

All-round location bus with everything you need
Bus 5-1-web

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Location bus 6

Classic location bus for suitable for all productions
Dark and older model bus parked outside in front of a building

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Location bus 7

Flexible Location Bus good for different kind of productionsOld School location bus in dark green park an with side to camera

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