The equipment is not covered by PRODUKTIONEN.DKs insurance and it is therefor the tenants responsibility to take care of this matter. When renting the tenant has the full responsibility of the equipments state. The tenant is responsible to replace any damages or deficiencies. Unless it is caused by wear and age. Rental periode starts the moment the equipment isn't in the custody of  PRODUKTIONEN.DK and ends when it is returned to PRDOKUTIONEN.DK. Complaints are only accepted within the first 24h of the rental period. If the equipment disappears/is stolen it is to be replaced by the tenant.

By delivery and pick up of rental equipment in Copenhagen will a fee of minimum DKK 300,- be added (week days between 8am-4pm). If outside normal opening hours or it's outside Copenhagen, there will be made an special agrement.
Guard fee on weekends/public holidays: minimum DKK 600,-

When renting a vehicle, the tenant accepts the terms indicated under every vehicle (see "Vehicles"). 
Any costs for damages on the vehicles are not covered by the insurance and the tenant is held responsible for those costs.


Personal belongings that are kept in the bus/makeup trailer, are not covered by PRDOUKTIONEN.DKs insurance. PRODUKTIONEN.DK can also not be held responsible for theft or damage caused by third party.

Tenants are liable for every damage on the leased, which are caused by negligence or intentional actions demonstrated by tenant or individuals whom tenant has given access to the leased.

Rental periode of the location bus begins when the bus leaves the car fleet (Sengeløsevej 4, Taastrup) and ends when the bus is back at the car fleet. The charging of "driven kilometers" begins and ends also from the car fleet.

It is the responsibility of the tenant to gather statuary parking permits etc. if necessary.

PRODUKTIONEN.DK can not be held responsible for any losses that clients might experience by cancellations, that are caused by any defects or deficiencies on the bus, lacking attendance or sickness with the driver and force majeure.

If the location bus is returned in a condition where more than normal cleaning is required, the expenses are to be covered by the client (DKK 350,- an hour). The client will always be advised about this before the effectuating.


When packages deals are made, PRODUKTIONEN.DK commits themself to make sure that the craft box contains the goods that are agreed upon, as well as it being refilled once a week(in agreement with the production unit). This service and delivery and pickup is free for long lasting production when ordered for min. DKK 1,000,- excl. VAT. Productions with 1-4 shooting days, or when orderinger under the min. amount, a fee of DKK 300,- per delivery (within the Copenhagen area) will be added. Same terms apply for pickup.

All supplies with packing still intact will be taken return without any charge.

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