Production Equipment

Walkie Talkie, GP344 / DP3441

Per day, DKK 110,-

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The most handy and reliable walkie talkie on the market. Delivered in a flightcase with charger, extra batteries, talkboxes and screwdriver

Ear-pieces needs to be ordered in advance. Price DKK 30,- per day)

- Dust- and splashproff
- Weight: 250g Lithium batteri.
- Measurements: 102 x 56 x 36 mm
- Effect VHF 5w.UHF 4w.
- 6 unique channels

Set Box


Per day DKK  400,-

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- 3x 2L thermoes (2 coffee and 1 tea)
- Cutlery, 12 pieces
- Bread basket & plates for fruit & snacks
- Kitchen knives and scissor
- 2x cutting boards
- 5x Yellow vests
- First aid kit
- Peeler for fruits
- Misc. tupperware (for nepkinds, sugar, tea spoons e.i. for the coffee table)

Bonomat Coffee machine

Per day DKK 175,-

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This industrial coffee maker can brew one jug (1.8L) of tasty coffee in just five minutes. Easy to operate and perfect for waiting extras on set. The coffee maker has two heating plates where one jug can be kept warm while the other jug is in the making. Comes with two coffee coupler. 

Nespresso machine

Per day DKK 125,- + usage

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Nespresso-machine incl. milk steamer (model: "Citiz&Milk")

Capsules are to be bought in addition and will be payed after consumption (a tube á ten capsules)



Per day DKK 35,-

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Robust cordless kettle. 2000 w heater which gets the water warm fast.

Thermoes, 2L & 3L


2 Liter, per day DKK 35,-  /  3 Liter, per day DKK 40,-

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High quality pump thermos. Keeps fluid warm for many hours. Available in both 2 liter and 3 liter. Don't forget to order some extra big ones for days with many extras on set.


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- Produced of recycled plastic
- 18 kg. per piece
- Length: 2 meter
- Width: 1 meter
- Thickness: 10 mm
- Non-slip surface
- Handle

Pick them up with our trailer, or let us deliver on location

Mobile 3KW Generator

Per day DKK 400,-

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A low noise HONDA generator. 

Continuously Provides 2600 KW.

One dunk of 92 blyfri fuel included

Electric oil radiator


Per day DKK 50,-

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Traditionel oil radiator.

A good alternativ to a gas oven especially in smaller rooms.

A stable heating source which does not need much electricity.

Fan heater, 2/3kW

Per day DKK 35,-

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Efficient fan heater for indoor use with a fixed power flow.

Gas heater


Per day DKK 75,- + gas consumption

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Perfect solution for cold winter days on set.

Gas consumption will be charged separately.

Heat cannon on gas/electricity

Per day DKK 225,-

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Efficient heat cannon/fan. Needs power 230V.

Comes with gas (but is paid separately)

Power speaker

Per day DKK 350,-

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Perfect playback tool for for example music video shoots.
Built in battery with a lifespan up to six hours.
Connection with either AUX or bluetooth.
No rental for private use!



Per day 1.5x1.5m DKK 300,- / 3x3m DKK 500,- / 3x6m DKK 700,-

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Solid, black pavilion ("EZ-UP") which can be set up in about one minute. The pavilion always comes with sides. If you might have special wishes for the side, like windows, doors or closed totally will we try to make it happen. Will be delivered in handy bag.

There are 3 sizes: 1.5x1.5m, 3x3m & 3x6m


Folding chair


per day DKK 12,-

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Comfortable, light folding chair in black plastic
Can be stacked in racks with room for 50 chairs!
Perfect for days with many people on set.

Directors chair


Per day DKK 125,-

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The originale directors chair which Hollywood has made world famous.

Practical folding chair with great comfort. 

Chairs measurements:
Width: 53 cm
Height: 80 cm
Seat height: 43 cm and 76 cm

Table, plastic


Per day coffee table DKK 55,-  /  Long table DKK 60,-

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Easy manageable tables in light plastic. With an easy to clean surface so it always looks great.

Choose between:

Coffee/monitor table: 122 x 76 cm and weighs 10kg.
Coffee table, small, weighs 7kg. Adjustable in height.
Long tables for 8 pax: 183 x 76cm and weighs 17kg (foldable on the middle)

Long table, wood

Per day DKK 60,-

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Solid table in strong quality.

Measures 200 x 80 cm and weighs about 25 kg.

Intended for max. 10 pax

Clothes rack

Per day DKK 85,-

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Robust clothes rack in aluminum.
Perfect for the wardrobe department or for wardrobe for bigger events etc.

Easy to transport and easy to disassemble.

Is handed out with hangers. But ask when you order if you wish some.

Makeup mirror

Per day compact mirror DKK 200,-

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Portable makeup mirror.
Two variants:
"Compact mirror" (as in picture), Can be ordered with daylight light tubes.
"Light mirror" (good for bigger events, can be connected)

We also rent out makeup mirrors in wooden boxes with light bulbs. They are often used for decorations.

Full size wardrobe mirror

Per day DKK 150,-

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Full-size wardrobe mirror with wheels.

Width: 40 cm
Height: 160 cm

Iron and board


Per day DKK 125,-

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Nice Bosch steam-iron. Max. 2200W
Comes in a protected case

Ironing board (Brabantia) in good quality is included

Makeup chairs

Per day makeup chair DKK 250,- / makeup artist chair DKK 125,-

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We have two types of makeup chairs. One for the makeup artist and one for for the person in makeup:
1: Big, comfortable makeup chair - w/ or w/o headrear. Height is adjustable.

2: Small makeup artist chair with back rest. Height is adjustable.

Steamer (professional)


Per day DKK 350,-

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Steamer of good quality. Water to be filled in before use.

Yellow vests, class 3

Per day DKK 12,-

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Class 3 (mandatory) yellow vests with "FILMOPTAGERSER" printed on the back.

Traffic cones


Per day traffic cone DKK 15,-  /  Cylinder w/foot 25,-

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Traffic cones to divide on location
Two models:
- Normal traffic cone
- Cylinder with foot

NB! We also sell scene tape (DKK 130,- per roll)



Per day DKK 35,-

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Trashcan in strong quality. Easy to stack.

Megaphone / Bullhorn

Per day DKK 75,-

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Megaphone and signal sound function.

Cable drum and  wire

Per day cable drum 40m, DKK 50,-
Per day wire, 10m, DKK 15,-
Per day three plugs, DKK. 15,-

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Every wire has a grund plug.

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