Initiatives – Ongoing

- Waste Sorting
Both internally at our domicile and on our location buses, we offer waste sorting and disposal services to our customers when they rent a location bus.

Self-Powered Trailers
Our mobile restroom trailers can operate without being connected to power. A solar panel on the roof charges the battery that powers the toilet pumps and lights. Our combination trailers also have this capability and can be used without external power (only for lighting, pumps, etc.).

Emission Reports and Guidance
We are a member of the Green Producers Club and can provide emission reports so that our customers (and ourselves) can monitor the emissions we impact the environment with on specific projects. We can also provide guidance on how to reduce emissions.

- Installation of Battery Packs in Our location buses
 We have initiated the first installation of a battery pack in a location bus. The purpose of this is to replace (or supplement) the buses' built-in generators. The battery packs will lead to a significant reduction in emissions and also a substantial reduction in noise pollution from the buses. Bus 3 is ready, and bus 2 and 4 are expected to have battery packs installed during the winter of 2023 / spring of 2024.

- Sale of "Environmentally Friendly Products"
Bottled water, disposable tableware, etc., see craft service.

Initiatives – Upcoming

- Installation of Solar Panels at Our Facility
 In the fall of 2023, we will commence an investigation into the possibility of installing solar panels on our property in Taastrup. The purpose of this is to (when possible) be self-sufficient in power for both our facility and the batteries and battery packs in our vehicles.

- Replacement of Oil Heating at Our Facility
Currently, our facility is heated using an oil furnace. This needs to be replaced, either with geothermal heating or a similar, less polluting solution. Timeline: 2024 / 2025

- Rental of "Battery Generators"
We have already conducted substantial research regarding the purchase of "battery generators." The development has progressed, but there is still some way to go before we can offer products that can compete with fuel generators in terms of capacity and handling. However, we plan to purchase a few units for rental in the fall of 2023.

- Installation of Battery Packs in Combination Vehicles
Similar to the initiative for location buses. Timeline: 2024.

- Purchase and Conversion of Electric or Hydrogen Vehicles (Combis/Costumes) and location buses
There is significant progress in vehicle development. We continuously monitor developments in terms of capacity and prices. Timeline: 4-5 years.

- Development of Alternatives to location buses – Rethinking Location Setup
We continually attempt to rethink our entire product category concerning heavy vehicles. We are open-minded about whether location buses can be replaced or supplemented with, for example, trailers or other options that can transport more environmentally friendly. Timeline: unknown.

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